website creation & management

As the owner or custodian of an extensive product portfolio, you'll be facing numerous challenges 24/7 to deliver complex product information (PI) to your online audience...

Whether producing a high functionality PI website, an ecommerce site or working with your incumbent web providers, at Channel Studios we deliver attractive and functional sites to generate sales and repeat business.


In particular, our centralised product data modelling and management expertise for websites can add considerable value towards the success of your site as a sales channel.


Importantly – we're great listeners too. From start to finish we'll work with you through an agreed timeline of activities and milestones. Once the site has been approved it could be up and running in a matter of weeks, generating income for your business in the shortest possible time.

A holistic approach to your website's effectiveness considers:

•    how your product data is modelled

•    how your product data is maintained

•    how your product data is fed appropriately and consistently across ALL of your sales channels

This approach to website delivery and management is increasingly seen as being core to successful marketing for product-centric businesses.

It is also where our expertise can make the biggest difference to your website, leading to improved conversion rates and higher 'returnee' levels.

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Seemingly simple requirements of a website can be notoriously difficult to do well, but often the solution lies higher up the publishing chain – in effective data management.


Consider the most basic of tasks...
Visitors need to find your products easily.


This can be improved through:

•    optimised browse structures

•    category-specific search filters

•    well maintained static search fields

•    product associations (up & cross sells, parts, kits, accessories)


Delivering THESE is a data management task that typically involves:

•    WYSIWYG management of category trees

•    taxonomy management for 'attribute' fields

•    data validation routines

•    good data enrichment processes


ALL integrated into workflows to suit your product and marketing teams.

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