product information management

Product Information Management (PIM) brings together print, web, email, intranet and digital catalogue production into one coherent solution, removing duplication of effort and time and delivering a highly sophisticated publishing workflow.

At Channel Studios we deliver PIM solutions to our customers as either:

•    a fully hosted service

•    a fully serviced inhouse system

•    an overflow support service for new and existing PIM owners.

Our PIM solutions enable retailers, manufacturers and distributors to publish their increasing and complex product data with greater ease and control.


Why would I need PIM?


•    You want to sell a broader range of products to a growing marketplace

•    You want to target segments of customers with selected products

•    You want to promote selected products at different times of the year

•    You should be fully utilising the increased marketing opportunities available to you via email, websites and printed catalogue

•    You’re struggling to find the time to think about anything other than getting the immediate catalogue pages ready for print

•    You’re struggling to invest sufficient time:

      •     for the collection and writing of your product information

      •     to work out product allocations for each new publication

      •     to oversee your catalogue’s production (checking proofs, amending product data, etc)

      •     to repurpose all of the data for your website

      •     to manage the product data translations for your various language versions.


These will support the increasing demands of catalogue schedules, easing the complexity of data management and multi-channel outputs, making sure that product data is current and relevant at every point of display.

Our PIM solutions can easily be configured and integrated by our experienced team, so you can deploy and achieve ROI, fast!

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