digital asset management


You decide who you share your marketing collateral with and how. As well as your internal teams you might want to invite partners, agencies, resellers and distributors – those who are supporting your product marketing.


Our DAM solution enables the smooth, secure and effective sharing for your collateral, across a wide range of media channels. You could also have a document repository for your sales teams – so that your product marketing team is able to manage collateral online, using the DAM system to auto-notify your relevant sales people when new or updated assets and documents are available.


And if you’re looking for additional support we’ll act as your clearing house;

•    managing your assets via your central and secure online DAM

•    receiving and checking collateral from your design agencies

•    adjusting artwork to meet your brand guidelines

•    ensuring your artwork is suitably prepared for print.

Using DAM you're able to store, share and manage your creative, digital assets and product data in one central area, whilst reducing search time by at least 30%, reducing duplication of effort and preserving brand integrity.


Other DAM functionality that you might want to implement, such as automated publishing to a selection of your own pre-designed templates, will deliver greater flexibility and more cost-effective options for your product marketing campaigns, brochures and catalogues.

DAM in a nutshell

•    secure online asset database for your images, documents and other marketing collateral

•    easily add, update and manage your digital assets

•    speedy & secure access for your internal teams and external partners to locate and retrieve your digital assets

•    notifications to alert users when digital assets are added or updated

•    internal teams and external partners can create their own marketing collateral, using your pre-designed templates, featuring your products

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